10 Reason why you need Responsive Website for Business

10 Reason why you need Responsive Website for Business

Responsive design is the hottest trend in web development for the last few hours. Back in days, a simple website layout was enough to serve the user’s needs. Over time, technologies evolved, and readers started using different devices to access websites.

Every web developer and layout designer knows the importance of responsiveness to websites. If you are a business owner and want a website for your business, you need to know everything about responsive design.

This guideline by One Stop Funding Solutions talks about the responsive designs is equally useful for both web designers and clients. Here is everything that you need to know about responsive designs.

What is Responsive Design?

Responsive website should be able to adjust the content placement, navigation bars, and other tabs according to the user’s behavior, screen size, device type, and orientation.

In today’s society, we have multi-screens, and we need websites that are equally useful for all kinds of screens. You cannot rely on a website that is only useful for laptop users. Most of the time, clients will use smartphones or tablets to access your website.

To get the best results with your website, the designs must be adjustable according to the device where is being loaded. A single website should be able to adjust the navigation bars and other interfaces as per the size of the screen. A website that is perfectly displaying content on a laptop screen must offer the same effectiveness in the case of the mobile screen too.

Today is the age of digital competitors, and if your business does not have a responsive website, you are in trouble. Here are some most important reasons that can force you to have a responsive website in 2020.

1.Responsive Website vs. Mobile Friendly Website

Some people think that having a mobile-friendly website is the same as having a responsive website. Well, both terms are almost the same as most of the responsive websites are mobile-friendly too.

If you are confused with the mobile-friendly website and responsive website, here we have broken down these two terms:

2.Traffic Boost with Mobile Users

In the beginning, businesses used to ignore users from smartphones as there were not so many. In 2020, almost 90% of users are accessing your website from their mobile phones. If you want to attract these 90% users too, along with laptop users, you need to have a responsive web design for your website.

3. Lower Cost and Easy Maintenance

Some themes, like the theme, are 100% responsive for almost all the devices. So, if you use the theme, you can easily get a responsive website that is equally useful for both laptops and mobiles. Having responsive theme can save almost half of the website cost. You don’t even modify the site for a laptop or any other device as it is already tested and verified for all kinds of display screens.

4.Seamless User Experience

No matter how great your website is, if users are not enjoying the navigation on your website, they are going to bounce. Having unresponsive design can create issues for your users, and it can cause an increase in the bounce rate. If you think that you can get returning customers with an unresponsive website, you are absolutely wrong. If they don’t find the required information with ease, they are not going to visit your website again.

5. Google Promotes Responsive Sites

Every business wants to appear at the top of the search results. Google always promotes those websites that deliver some value. Google also recommends having responsive websites for all businesses. If you want to achieve better ranking in Google search engine, get a responsive website for your business.

6. Adjust the Content Easily

If your website is optimized for the bigger screen, mobile users will not get to know the details of the websites, and most of the content will go unnoticed. In the case of the responsive website, the site will automatically adjust everything according to the size of the screen.

7. Improved SEO Results

As your website is responsive, search engines are going to consider it as an SEO friendly website. When you start working for better SEO results, you will get better results with fewer efforts. Having a responsive website not only saves money but also delivers better results.


Users prefer websites and platforms that offer the flexibility of the use. Just imagine that the user wants to use another tool and your website at the same time. If you don’t have a responsive website, you may end up losing a potential client.

9. Speedy Loading of Web Pages

Responsive sites load faster and offer the required information in lease time. Users are going to bounce if your website is taking more than two seconds for the loading. Improve the website loading speed with responsive theme.

10.Easy Management of Content

If you don’t have a responsive website, get ready to manage each and every article and page separately. Most of the websites have 100s of pages, and it is not possible to manage so many pages manually. With responsive designs, you can handle hundreds of pages and unlimited content automatically.

Final Verdict

Web development and web designing trends are changing rapidly. You cannot stick to old layouts and development technologies in 2020. Your potential clients are displayed a lot of other sites too. If you want them to choose your website, you would have to offer something extra.

Having a responsive website in no luxury as a website cannot survive without a responsive layout. If you want to grow your business with millions of new audiences, you need to have a responsive website in 2020. At One Stop Funding Solutions, we offer premium quality custom website design and coding services. If you want to scale your business, let us help your business to grow.


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